Reins of Azeroth Episode 10 – Bit him in the Tushui (w/ Sirius)

We finish up our Pandaria Mount collection with the last raiding achievements in Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar and cover the guild raid achievement. We are also joined by very special guest, Sirius, who kindly reminded us about a couple of yaks that may have slipped our minds AND we have a competition to win a Blizzard gift card!

You can find Sirius on twitter @SuperSiriusXIII, and you can purchase her amazing work from her Etsy store at

Xuralyn (Sirius) on her favourite mount, Etoile the Azure Cloud Serpent

Want to enter our competition? Send us an email telling us how you would change a mount in WoW. And don’t forget to send through your favourite mount pictures to add to our gallery. You can send them through (along with your name and twitter handle!) to

Listen to episode 10 on PodBean or download from iTunes or Stitcher.

Spazz and Cinder are chatting about WoW mounts, helping you fill your stable and getting closer to the coveted Lord of Reins achievement in WoW.

Share your mount collection stories and questions – @reinsofazeroth or

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