Reins of Azeroth Episode 34 – Brewfest

Pull up a chair and have a brew with us – it’s Brewfest time! We go through the achievements needed for the Brewmaster part of What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, new toys in Briefest, and have a quick look at new mounts coming in patch 7.1. Come join us!

Couldn’t make it to the show? You can watch it right here!

(Show starts at 4:55)

Here are some links we mentioned during the show:

Listen to episode 34 on Podbean, or download from iTunes or Stitcher. You can watch future episodes live on twitch at or watch past episodes on YouTube.

Share your mount/toy/achievement collection stories, pics and questions – @reinsofazeroth or

Thank you to Sirius for our wonderful twitch artwork! To see more of Sirius’ art or to commission her, visit her website at


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