Reins of Azeroth 48 – With Thyst!

Guys, you are in for a TREAT tonight! We are so pumped to have super special guest Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcast join us for our show! We had some chats about micro-holidays and stuff that’s happened in 7.1.5, as well as our main topic of the week the state of professions in Legion. We also had some wonderful emails from Knave and AnnInWonderland. You can read Knave’s email in full below.

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Here are some links we talked about during the show:

Thank you to Thyst for joining us for our show. Check her out on her favourite mount below. 🙂 You can find Thyst on twitter @Thyst03, check out her YouTube channel at Thyst Of Lagging Balls, or catch her each with with Thorn on the Lagging Balls podcast.

This week we had a wonderful email from Knave. Unfortunately we ran out of time to read it during the show, so we’ve put it here for everyone to read. Knave also sent us some new fiery pics for our gallery!

Dear Reins of Azeroth,
I meant to write in again sooner, however I’m a horrible procrastinator (not horrible exactly, I’m quite good at it). After listening to your last show (episode 47) I figured I’d write in with a bit of an update as well as what I plan to be up to in 2017.
I’ve gotten a few new mounts since hitting 300 (gotta keep going, there will be another achievement at some point). I was one achievement away from Glory of the Draenor Hero so I borrowed a friend who mains a druid to push adds off of a train and got the Frostplains Battleboar. I also got myself a Snowfeather Hunter and a Viridian Sharptalon from the falcosaur quests. During Blizzard’s pet and mount sale I picked up the only mount I was missing from the store at half price – the Mystic Runesaber. I also bought a copy of WoW for $5 while it was on sale and recruited myself to pick up the Swift Zhevra. Possibly not the fanciest mount available from Recruit-a-Friend, but I’ve really liked that mount since it was originally added back in BC.
In other collecting, I finished Raiding with Leashes IV and got my star bunny and I was finally able to complete Family Familiar to get the Nightmare Treant. Along with some other new pets collected, I am now up to 835 unique pets! I got some new toys as well, bringing my toy total to 355. So many toys are a bit tough to keep track of, and the only new one that stands out for me is the Outrider’s Bridle Chain. I’d been after that one for awhile, but during Warlords it was never quite possible for me to separate Warleader Tome from his posse for long enough to get him down without dying (it’s the pack of wolf-mounted orcs that run around Nagrand). Now I just glance in their general direction and they all fall over dead, and it took about four kills to get the toy. If you’re unfamiliar, it gives you an orc disguise for an hour, and disguises are always the best toys.
Goals for 2017 are mostly collection oriented but also include getting through all class hall campaigns. I’ve currently just finished my death knight, my third after my rogue and shaman. After those three, I have everything but a mage and monk at level 100 ready to start, and those last two classes are in their 80s.
Collection goals include trying to have enough Timewarped Badges to get the Mists Timewalking mount as soon as it’s available. I have two characters currently sitting on over 2,000 badges each, so depending on how many Timewalking  weeks between now and then it could work. The toy and pets will also come, but the mount is the priority.
I’ve also been chipping away at some other mounts that should come in a matter of time. I’m about halfway to the Underbelly Tycoon achievement, and just the other day I found that with the Taunka buff for fishing I was able to get nearly 1,000 Sightless Eyes in under a half hour with breaks to kill a few rares that popped up and to pick up a bodyguard when necessary. I’m definitely going to be watching for that one again.
I’m getting closer to my goal of 3 million gold I’ve set for myself before dropping 2 million for the Bloodfang Widow. I don’t really go out of my way to make gold, but I also don’t spend a lot. It’s not the gold rush that the garrison was in Warlords, but there’s easy money out there in Legion if you do a little looking.
I’m probably just a couple days out from Prestige 3, and I believe it’s Prestige 4 that awards the mount, but it’s progress. I’m also only 4 Black Rook Rumbles away from the Free for All, More for Me achievement; although it’s available frustratingly rarely. I’ve had the other free for all PvP achievements done for over a month.
I’ve set aside Sunday every week for older content, no Legion. I’ve been hunting down some of the toys that drop from Pandaria rares as well as finishing up a few Warlords achievements. Along with that I’m farming Blackfang Claws for the mount that costs 5,000 and also doing the Warlords quests that cause garrison invasions. I’ve found that doing a single assault quest every Sunday will have an invasion ready for me on the next Sunday. And the invasions are ridiculously easy at 110 as all of your garrison guards apparently quested through the Broken Isles to 110, but the invaders didn’t have the time to. I believe you need 1300 points to get platinum for two chances at a mount, and I can easily get 1700 or 1800 points by myself.
I’m currently working towards the Llothien Prowler as well. After countless Withered Training scenarios and Nightfallen caches on my rogue and shaman with no luck, my Death Knight got an invitation three days after hitting 110 from his first Nightfallen emissary cache. I couldn’t even start the class hall missions right away because his champions hadn’t been leveled enough yet. I imagine I’ll have that within a few days since I can do the missions now though.
With Nighthold releasing soon three more mounts will be following shortly – the final two falcosaurs and the Arcanist’s Manasaber. All told, there should be a good number of mounts coming my way soon.
My more nebulous goals for 2017 include farming Pandaria raids regularly and I’d also like to finish farming Skyshards for Alani after taking a break in Mists at 5 shards and never picking it back up.
Good luck to you everyone with all of your mount farming in 2017!

Knave, worgen rogue on Nathrezim (US)


A couple more pictures, with a collection story:

This is my shaman (Ascetic on Nathrezim) with a couple mounts that go with her transmog. I got the Flametalon of Alysrazor six times before getting the Pureblood Fire Hawk from Ragnaros, it dropped three weeks in a row at one point. Sometimes being lucky with mount drops is still just bad luck. I finally got the Fire Hawk to drop for my shaman by going in there for a transmog helm instead of the mount. That had me so shocked I forgot all about the helm and almost vendored it later when going through my bags (remember when you had to keep your items for transmog?).

Share your mount/toy/achievement collection stories, pics and questions – @reinsofazeroth or

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