Reins of Azeroth Episode 15 – The Argent Tournament

Hello good knights! Don your armour, prepare your lances, sound the trumpets, summon your squires and raise your banners as we prepare for the ultimate jousting challenge – the Argent Tournament!!

This week we are joined by special guest, Shoryl. You can find Shoryl on twitter @shoryl_mn

Shoryl (@shoryl_mn) on her Purebred Fire Hawk


Here are some guides we found useful:

SPOILERS!!!*** If you want to see all of the mounts that have been datamined so far, check out wowhead’s Mount playlist on their YouTube channel – SPOILERS!!!***

Spazz will be streaming on Thursday 12 May at 8:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can find him at doing his mount run. If anyone wants to come along for mount achievement runs, jump on our Discord server at
Listen to episode 15 on PodBean or download from iTunes or Stitcher.


Spazz and Cinder are chatting about WoW mounts, helping you fill your stable and getting closer to the coveted Lord of Reins achievement in WoW.

Share your mount collection stories and questions – @reinsofazeroth or

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