Contest Entries

Here are the top entries that we got for our contest:


Let’s talk about some mounts that are no longer in the game. The ones I’m talking about are the original unarmored swift mounts that were replaced with armored versions in patch 1.4 (according to Warcraft mounts).

Since they’re no longer available, the first step is to make them available again. Each race has only one or maybe two mounts, so here is what would be required to get these mounts:
1) Exalted with the racial faction (even if your character is that race)
2) Loremaster of the continent that contains that race’s starting zone (e.g, for the Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A, it would be Eastern Kingdoms)
3) This would unlock a short 3-4 quest chain that could be picked up from the racial leader, or someone in the same area as the leader. The quests would be appropriate to the type of mount.
So, for the Mechanostrider, you might have to go into Gnomeregan to find Mechatorque’s original blueprints, and those would spawn in one of several locations throughout the instance. Then, you would have to find some parts around Ironforge, and finally, you’d have to find a prodigy of Mechatorque’s, give them all the things you’d gotten, and they would build the mounts for you.

Each set of quests would be the same length, and there would be one set for each mount.


The mount I believe should be changed/have more lore added would be The Headless horsemen’s steed, as there is a lot of lore behind the horsemen himself, why not add some for his steed too?

I think look wise the horse should have an animation, when standing still to have a faint overlay appear and fade (like some armour pieces do) of what the horse would have look like when it was alive in its glory days, paladin armour and all as Sir Thomas was a knight of the silver hand or even have that effect when the mount rears with the “Mount Special” emote and maybe even some remnants on what it once looked like on attached to the tattered armour it bares.

As for the lore I just think a few tweaks to the Item and how you obtain it would be an interesting idea, when the mount drops rather than receiving just the mount there would also be a letter (with the mount inside of course no one want just a letter) With a little last message from the horsemen himself in rhyme, wouldn’t be a letter from him otherwise 😛


Well what I would love – as a Warlock I have control (to a degree) over my demons! Now how totally awesome would it be if I also had the ability to ride my demons! Hi-ho silver and away on my Felpuppy! Or charging into Ashran riding my Succubus with her ams whipping around widly smacking all my foes (alliance :p)!
Or if Blizzard EVER gives me the ability to tame my own demons (*cough* Legion plzzzzzzz pretty pretty plzzzzzzzz *cough*) then I could also be able to ride any I tame! I would love to tame the Pit Commander in Hellfire Penisula and then ride it into battle!


As you know, you can purchase the Reins of the Amber Scorpion from The Klaxxi Quartermaster Ambersmith Zikk for 10,000 gold after becoming exalted with The Klaxxi…

Here’s our change: After becoming exalted with the Klaxxi, we go and see Ambersmith Zikk in the Dread Wastes because we’ve heard he’s got a bed of scorpions big enough to ride. However, being Mantid, he has no need for gold and wonders why he should bother giving one of his Amber Scorpions to a “lesser creature”. He states he might be persuaded with a long-lost delicacy of the Mantid, a fish stew aged in Kypari sap….

Zikk has heard of a Pandaren in the Jade Forest who might know the recipe. In Dawn’s Blossom you meet up with Chin, who doesn’t have the recipe for the fish stew, but starts a quest so you can find the 3 parts of the recipe across Azeroth. This leads you to visit Mrs. Gant in Booty Bay, Dirge Quikcleave in Tanaris and your faction appropriate cooking trainer in Borean Tundra (Rollick MacKreel or Orn Tenderhoof), if you have maxed out your cooking skill, you can put the recipe pieces together.

After putting the recipe together you notice that you’ve never heard of these fish, a quest opens to visit Nat Pagle (he’s either still in Krasarang Wilds or at your Garrison – if you’ve got him as a follower). He’s heard of them, but they’re almost extinct now and extremely rare! He marks the locations he’s seen them fished up on your map: Un’goro Crater, Sholazar Basin, and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. If you’re maxed out on fishing then you can catch the required fish.

You click to try cooking the fish stew, but a notice pops up that says “requires Untouched Sap Feeder”. A quest pops up on the side of your screen sending you to either Diya in The Exodar or Elynara in Silvermoon City to find out more. They inform you that they can look up what that item is, but there’s been a recent attack on the city and they’re busy tending to wounded. Yes, they’re academics but everyone pitches in during times of need. They have besides them some poorly NPCs at different character levels. You have to use bandages from the appropriate levels to heal these NPCs, from Linen bandages all the way up to Antiseptic Bandages. Then Diya or Elynara are free to aid you in your research.

They discover in an old dusty book that these devices were feeders to marinade food in sap, but they’re different enough from the modern Sap Feeders that you can’t use one of them to create your stew. They hypothesize that an archaeological dig at Ahn’Qiraj, Azjol-Nerub and the Dread Wastes would yield the 3 parts necessary to create this item. It does, if you’ve maxed out the Archaeology profession you can put it together.

Now you can combine your fish with your Untouched Sap Feeder and cook your stew. All that is left it to let the fish sit in the Kypari sap for 1 week before it is ready. Then after one week in real-time you can hand it over to Ambersmith Zikk and he’ll give you an Amber Scorpion.


Spanky Hunter sent us an audio clip wanting to be able to improve his engineering mounts by adding a rope ladder to them for a passenger to hold on to(and drop if they get too annoying).

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